Things I Know


1.  I had to paint today.  HAD. TO.

2.  This is the first octopus that I’ve drawn/painted with 8 arms.  5 is usually my max.  No idea why.

3.  I am probably one of 10 people in the world who would actually hang on their wall in a grown up room instead of a kids room.  I think I may already know at least eight of those people.

4.  I had to stop painting (and thus snapped the photo for you) thanks to Pandora which decided tonight to only playing dance beat remixes on my somewhat calm Alex and Sierra channel.  Thank you, Pandora?

5.  I am hoping that I will finish this painting this time (4th attempt, I think?), but at least it’s now hanging in my art closet instead of unfinished on my dining room wall (the first thing you see when you walk in the front door).

6.  I am officially obsessed with Tiesta Teas.  Drinking Nutty Almond Cream tonight.  So, so good.  Eight arms on your octopus instead of just five good.

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