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Will you be in Stamford too?

October seems oh-so-far-away right now.  But, in the recesses of my brain, I’m already thinking about it.  You see, Art Is You in Stamford, CT is in October!  I’ll be there teaching the classes below.  Will you be there too? The top one with the people is called Four of a Kind.  Using vintage photograph copies of… Continue reading Will you be in Stamford too?

Finding My Style

My First Stitch Fix “Review”

So pretty much everyone knows about Stitch Fix by now, right?  I mean, if something fashion-related has come to MY attention, it probably reached the rest of the world before me. Before I ordered my first Stitch Fix box, I looked at quite a few reviews online. As I looked, I formed the opinion that it… Continue reading My First Stitch Fix “Review”